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Berry Therapy

Regional inspired exfoliation, rainshower & massage treatment

Showcasing another of our regions offerings – berries! This stimulating treatment begins with a cranberry infused full body salt exfoliation packed full of antioxidants to leave the skin silky and invigorate the circulation. Warm water begins to cascade over your body from 7 pressure jets, as your therapist’s expert hands work on releasing muscular tension with a skilled massage technique, relaxing your whole body from head to toe.

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Bush Therapy

Regional inspired exfoliation and massage treatment

Beechworth is surrounded by the bush; its fresh air, beautiful landscape and native flora. This treatment celebrates our connection with mother nature. Beginning with a rich and creamy wattleseed body scrub infused with native oils, we buff away dry skin and re-hydrate at the same time. Once you are cozily wrapped we apply a warmed cedarwood and litsea scalp mask and massage in soothingly, drifting you into a dreamy state. A quick rinse in the shower, and its straight into a full body massage with a peppermint gum infused massage blend.

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Sacred Body

Massage & Facial Treatment

Your treatment begins with a full body welcome massage to relax those sore bits, using the power of our highly skilled hands and signature moves designed by our therapists. Just when you think you’ve already gone to heaven we complete your treatment with a specialised facial treatment, designed to hydrate, nourish and feed your skin. Includes cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisture protective. You will find an ah ha moment for sure.

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Complete Body

Body Scrub & Mud Treatment
Beginning with a full body Murray River Salt scrub, your body is then cocooned in a layer of silky mineral rich body mud, customised to the season. Whilst this deliciously warm mud delivers essential nutrients to the skin, relax into a dreamy state with a scalp massage and infusing oil hair treatment. Your body will be soft and supple and your mind at ease after a Well Being head-to-toe massage completes this soul enriching and spirit lifting

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A Personal Journey - 3 hour

Reserve some time….make no decisions…. and leave the rest to us. Select the amount of time you wish to spend at the spa and book your date and we will tailor a sensory adventure like no other. We simply email you a questionnaire and from this information we tailor a personal spa experience based on your needs, so it’s all about you!

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