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February 2024 Tours


Sat 2 Mar

Scallop Drift - 5-15M
Blue Devil Wall 15-40M

Sat 9 Mar

  • 6:45 am - Tom's Corner 20-40M
    Queenscliff 0645 Portsea 0645
    Tom's Corner 20-40M

    Large variety for Advanced divers. The shot line sits in 20M of water and the wall drops off to 100M. There are caverns and swim throughs. Plenty of fish and wildlife around!

    Certification required: OW

    Available: 7

Tom's Corner 20-40M
Castle Rock - 18M
Rip Bank - 17-40M

Sun 10 Mar

  • 8:30 am - Spectacular Reef - 20-40M
    Queenscliff 0830 Portsea 0830

    Certification required: OW

    Available: 8

Spectacular Reef - 20-40M
  • 11:00 am - 36M Sub J5 Intact
    Queenscliff 1100 Portsea 1100
    36M Sub J5 Intact

    The J5 is lying in 36M of water and is fully in tact and provides a penetration dive for Deep divers. As you can see it is covered in yellow Zoanthids which is why it is sometimes known as the yellow submarine.

    Certification required: ADV

    Available: 10

36M Sub J5 Intact
  • 1:30 pm - Lonsdale Wall -15-40M
    Queenscliff 1330 Portsea 1330
    Lonsdale Wall -15-40M

    Lonsdale Wall is one if the best dive locations is Australia is it has kelp beds at 13M and drop offs and caverns down to 100M. The high currents in the area create a unique undersea adventure on every dive. Best dived at slack water.

    Certification required: OW

    Available: 6

Lonsdale Wall -15-40M

Mon 11 Mar

Tom's Corner 20-40M

Sun 24 Mar

Double Dive

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