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10 Boat Dive Card

Certified diver boat charter for any 10 normal recreation dives of their choice.

Qty x 10 Boat Dive Card

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Double Boat Dive

Certified diver boat charter for any scheduled double dive (not 2 individual dives)

Qty x Double Boat Dive

Double Boat Dive ×
ex-HMAS Canberra Dive
Dive the ex-HMAS Canberra. She sits in 30 Metres of water and provides a world class dive experience in Bass Strait.
Advanced qualifications required.

Qty x ex-HMAS Canberra Dive

ex-HMAS Canberra Dive ×
Graveyard Dive

Qty x Graveyard Dive

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Single Boat Dive

Certified diver boat charter for any standard dive of their choice. (excludes Canberra, Ships Graveyard and double dives)

Qty x Single Boat Dive

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