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    Name: the Seafarer's Rest
    Type: A
    Service type:
    Cost: $400.00, data-price: 400
    Categor(ies): accommodation
    Notes: (hidden here)
  • 2150

    25% discount 7 NIGHTS

    We'd love you to stay a bit longer & really experience the wonders of the Great Ocean Road

    • 7 nights accommodation
    • All linen supplied

    Things to do in Lorne

    • Experience LIVEWIRE PARK in Lorne
    • Explore the local waterfalls
    • Take a surfing lesson
    • Horse ride along the beach
    • Whale watching
    • Eat at Movida, Marks, Ipsos or Mestizo

    7 nights

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    Name: the SEAFARER'S REST - 7 NIGHTS
    Type: P
    Service type:
    Cost: $2,150.00, data-price: 2150
    Categor(ies): packages
    Notes: (hidden here)
    Image: /business-files/accommodation/seafarer-s-rest/Packages/1994-5.jpg

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