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  • Bathing Ceremonies

    30 mins

    Bathing ceremonies must be taken in conjunction with any face or body treatment

    Indulge in one of our relaxing bathing ceremonies with exotic tea and biscuits. Tension melts away with our aromatic infusions of 100% pure blended aromatherapy bath oils, Himalayan bath salts or coconut milks. 

    Comfort organic oil blend – relaxes, soothes and promotes serenity with rose maroc, rose geranium, tangerine + ylang ylang.

    Enliven organic oil blend – invigorates, nourishes and uplifts with lemon, sweet orange, bergamot + lemongrass.

    Relief organic oil blend – eases muscles, relaxes and soothes with eucalyptus radiata, rosemary leaf, peppermint, ginger, lavender, marjoram + turmeric.

    Chill out body milk – relaxes, moisturises and softens with coconut milk, sodium bicarbonate + vanilla bean.

    Slumber Time Himalayan salt soak – hydrates, detoxifies and soothes muscle aches with Himalayan sea salt, Epsom salt, lavender, marjoram + mandarin.

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  • Bathing Ceremonies


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